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May 11, 2009


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Shou Kuo

To be able to uniquely identify and access those 'non-fungible' assets across silos, I suspect that you are probably advocating the use of RESTful services which are based on URL's, Resources, and (simple) Operations (rather than RPC-based SOAP).

Lyn Robison

Yeah, RPC-based SOAP services seem to be designed for process integration more than data integration.

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Now think of the ability to reconcile non-fungible assets across data silos with regard to structured and non-structured data.


Thanks a lot for this simple yet very very useful solution.

ffxiv gil

And this is just a small example of the value of tracking non-fungible assets across silos. Every dollar spent on CRM systems is a dollar spent (and often squandered) trying to solve the data silo problem.

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A business that can find a way to quickly analyze data (for example as to which customers or vendors are more valuable then others) will be able to make a fortune. Tracking and quantifying the data will be a big task no doubt...


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