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May 19, 2009


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Andy Ben-Dyke - RainStor

Business people not only expect IT to deliver information systems that support the business, they’re also increasingly asking IT to deliver value for money, and in this economic climate “more with less”. That’s the real opportunity for business and IT with cloud computing. More specifically, there are 2 very obvious opportunities for IT to grasp the cloud nettle when you consider the lifecycle of business and information systems. Firstly, the birth of an application is ideally suited to the cloud where you can bring up, scale and take down development and test environments with ease. Second, the retirement or decommissioning of an application is also perfectly suited to cloud infrastructure where you can shut-down your application, send the data to the cloud and keep it accessible using services such as RainStor (www.rainstor.com ). Using the cloud in such ways not only simplifies the life for the IT department but also delivers real value for money to the business.

Juicy Couture

cells with a more complex structure in the basal ganglia--a region of the brain used in language in humans. The mice also had a new "voice." When baby mice are separated from their mothers they make ultrasonic whistles. But in the mice with the human gene, the whistle was a lower pitch.

The possibility of talking animals raises some interesting questions from a practical standpoint, such as: do you buy the dog more expensive food when he complains about the bland dry dog food? Or how do you fairly mediate an arguasdfment between the hamster and your cat without alienating either of your pets? And animals genetically engineered to speak also raise some interesting legal questions, particularly with respect to patent law.

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